Benchmarking PNY GeForce 1660 Ti XLR8

3 May

Benchmarking PNY GeForce 1660 Ti XLR8

One of the latest cards we managed to review and benchmark is newest PNY GeForce 1660 Ti XLR8 card.

It is a compact card with not a very noisy active cooling system with one efficient big fan characteristic for all cards from XLR8 series.



We managed to run multiple miners using different algorithms.

Used miners:

  • gminer - version 1.36
  • bminer - version 15.3.1
  • CryptoDredge - version 0.17.0

Benchmarking platform was based on latest Ubuntu 18.04 with latest NVIDIA official drivers.


Here are the results:


For algorithm Cuckaroo 29 (used by coin GRIN) card managed to reach: 4.05 - 4.07 G/s with temperature around 52C - 54C.
That gives us 0.05 G/W.

Next one - Equihash (96,5) algorithm (used by ZCash) - let this card reach 18223 Sol/s with temperature 55C. It gives 202.48 Sol/W.

In another popular Equihash (144,5) variation (used by BitzoinZ) our 1660 Ti reaches 32 - 34 Sol/s with temperature 53C - 55C making 0.36 - 0.38 Sol/W.

Last, but not least, Equihash variation (150,5) used by BEAM let thius PNY card reach 13.4 - 13.6 Sol/s (temp. 56C - 57C). That gives 0.15 Sol/W.



Using bminer we only managed to test two cryptocurrencies.

In Cucaroo 29 (used by GRIN) our test card managed to reach 3.7 - 3.8 G/s reaching max temperature 55C (fans set 45%). That makes 0.4 G/W.

Mining Bytom coin (BTM) (algorith Tensority) let our card reach 1894 - 1945 H/s with max. temperatures 55C - 58C (fans set to 50%). That gives us around 21 - 22 H/W.



In popular X16R algorithm our 1660 Ti managed to reach 13 Mh/s reaching temperatures 57C - 58C (fans on at 50%). That gives 175 Mh/W.

MTP algorithm let PNY card reach 1777 - 1784 kh/s - temp. 55C - 57C (fans set to 50%). It makes 19.75 - 19.97 kh/W.

Finally in Lyra2rev3 we managed to reach 40.64 - 40.89 Mh/s on this card.


Stay tuned for our benchamarks of other interesting hardware!

Tags: nvidia, pny, 1660 ti, xlr8, benchmark, gminer, bminer, cryptodredge, beam, btm, grin, btcz, mnx, zero, tensority, cucaroo29, lyra2rev3

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