Takes the Bitcoin Laundry to New Highs

17 Dec
2018 Takes the Bitcoin Laundry to New Highs

After a long period of gestation and study, came to the conclusion that bitcoin tumblers on the market were inadequate at providing true anonymity and that an intervention needed to take place. That intervention was's development and release of their bitcoin laundry, a service which features an industry-leading amount of mixable cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin SV with more soon to follow.

The bitcoin laundry market prior to was a cold place. There wasn't a single tumbler offering the level of anonymity they claimed. Even worse, subsequent mixers copied the broken models that had come before them, leaving a void of actually anonymous services on the market. Enter, the world's most trusted bitcoin tumbler and for good reason.

Separation of reserves in BestMixer’s bitcoin laundry

When you send your coins to the platform, they are funneled into one of three pools: Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. The Alpha pool uses a client-to-client model where individual client coins are broken up, tumbled, and distributed to predefined addresses as untraceable digital currency. The Beta pool is primed for high value exchanges by utilizing private reserves and the Alpha pool to gather its significant liquidity. The Gamma pool is most novel invention in the space. It is a pool in which the funds are drawn exclusively from investor and private reserves, meaning the coins tumbled into this pool are guaranteed against blockchain analysis.

This last point is significant because blockchain analysis represents the single greatest threat to the anonymity of cryptocurrency investors. Blockchain analysis works by breaking down the web of pseudonymous transactions on the blockchain and organizing them into a neat and intelligible profile that helps cybercriminals and government agencies know who is who and what they own. gives clients back clean bitcoin by taking their existing currency, scrambling their origins, then returning an untraceable variety that eludes even the most sophisticated techniques. Had all-star crypto investor Ian Balina used for his digital assets, he would never have been hacked for several million dollars worth of his profile - it's that simple.

In previous iterations, bitcoin laundry services confused clients by having extremely complicated and unclear user interfaces., on the hand, has an intuitive and clean interface that is straightforward and easy to use. A Mixing Strength Meter helps users gauge the level of anonymity their mix has achieved while a Letter of Guarantee from the order page gives clients peace of mind regarding whether their mix is supported by the platform or not. Furthermore, the team has put together a step-by-step video tutorial to help users find out more on how to mix bitcoin properly with bitcoin laundry.

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