Bitcoin Investors Earning Huge Profits from AMFEIX Fund

5 Aug

Bitcoin Investors Earning Huge Profits from AMFEIX Fund

Savvy bitcoin investors are earning decent profits from their investments with AMFEIX Digital Asset Management‘s AMFEIX Fund. With a paltry 0.02 BTC, an investor can make an average of 23% monthly return with the fund.

The company mainly deals with Bitcoin (BTC)/USD, Ripple (XRP)/BTC, Ethereum (ETH)/BTC, Binance Coin (BNB)/BTC, Litecoin (LTC)/BTC, Cardano (ADA)/BTC, NEO/BTC, and Monero (XMR)/BTC. Most of the trades focus on BTC/USD pairs and the ETH/BTC and XRP/BTC pairs, too.

Clandestine and Uncomplicated Registration Process

AMFEIX allows users to invest their bitcoins without necessarily revealing their identities. The company enables investors to participate in the firm's investment vehicle pseudo-anonymously.

The registration process is very simple. Users create their wallet on the AMFEIX website and then transfer their bitcoins there. The process takes 24 hours, and the bitcoin reflects on the Funds page of the platform.

Safe Allocation of Trading Funds

The firm has allocated 30-50% of the entire pool as the maximum levels they can use to trade at any given time. With such a measure, the firm limits over exposing their funds to the volatilities in the market, which may lead to irrecoverable losses, in the event of a wrong trading move.

Foolproof Platform

AMFEIX places a lot of emphasis on protecting investors’ funds. It has in place several measures that guarantee investors of uncompromised security.

As a firm using the Ethereum blockchain, AMFEIX is secure because the decentralized nature of the technology does not allow any this party entity to enter and try to do any malicious activities. They use cold storage to protect any dormant funds from the prying eyes of hackers. The use of cold storage provides another layer of protection to any hackers intending to steal funds.

The seed key helps investors to protect their funds from hackers who may try to log into their accounts. The random 12 letters that make up the seed key also allow users to recover their accounts whenever someone infiltrates them.

Zero Flat Fees

The asset management firm does not charge investors any flat fees; it only invests the pooled funds prudently and, from the profits generated, it gets 20% of the share as its compensation.

Sound Profit-sharing Agreement has a fair and rational profit-sharing agreement with investors. For any profits made, the firm only takes 20%, leaving the remaining 80 % to the investors.

Progressively Growing Capital

Any gains made from your investment with AMFEIX can be reinvested to grow your capital base. Investors who want to see their capital base rise will desist from withdrawing their profits.

Less Complicated Withdrawal

Making withdrawals on the AMFEIX portal is a very easy procedure. With only one click, investors finish the process and wait for approvals and remitting of their funds to their wallets.

Transparent Processes

Investors can use their wallets to track their profits, deposits, and withdrawals. Everything is vividly displayed in your wallet to ensure that you are aware of all the movements of funds therein.

Productive Referral Program

Investors can get some outstanding returns from participating in the referral program provided by the firm. By using a referral link to invest in the company, the new users will also share in the profits made. Out of their gains, you will also receive 10%. offers investors the first pseudo-anonymous trading platform to trade their Bitcoins and make huge profits. Traders who prefer to have their investments under wraps can now enjoy investing using the platform.

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