BTMiner_NebuTech v5.1 tensority algorithm miner for Bytom coin (BTM)

21 Jul

BTMiner_NebuTech v5.1 tensority algorithm miner start

Coin Bytom (BTM) - Tensority ASIC algorithm has been recently cracked by GPU miners and it's giving nice profits at these times. It seems that Asic Miner is not as good as the GPU miners and seems like nice retaliation on ASICs. BTMiner NebuTech is the one of first Nvidia GPU miner for Bytom (BTM) and although the previous versions have some issues with stability, the current BTMiner NebuTech v5.1 seems to be pretty stable now. Last month we get also revolutionary Bminer 9.0.0 and it was faster in terms of hashrate at these times, but the latest version of BTMiner NebuTech v5.1 is the fastest once more leaving all other GPU miners and of course the Antminer B3 Bytom ASIC miners far behind. The Antminer B3 ASIC miner can't reach a half the hashrate of a single GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU. There are already some crypto exchanges which allows us to convert mainnet's coins into other assets. See gate(dot)io. Miner supports Windows 7, Windows 10 and  Linux. Can work for pools using stratum protocol. It does not really require any CPU performance or PCIE bandwidth, function perfectly on rigs with 6 or more gpu cards. It's designed only NVIDIA Pascal and later GPU cards with drivers version Windows >= 385 , Ubuntu >= 384.  Default 3% dev fee is enabled but it  can be turned off resulting probably some performance downgrade (not tested). Except increased hashrate some minor fixes we can find:

  • Disable quick edit mode on windows CMD window, prevent from process frozen.
  • Disable windows error report when miner crash.
Of course miner's developers are not going to give up and their plans are: 
  • Improve GPU error handle.
  • API for miner status query.
  • Try to improve hashrate
Bitmain Antminer B3  produce 780 h/s and 360w as the only ones to release Asic to the BYTOM cryptocurrency.  GPU users did not leave this unnoticed and in cooperation with BYTOM  devteam released new miner that runs on the GPU nvidia version on LINUX and Windows. Below reference  Below GPU hashrates can be achieved on stock settings with good cooling and raised power limit. However in summer time I reached only about close to 1500 H/s per 1080Ti with reasonable temperatures and power limit around 60.
 GPU   =>  Hashrate(H/s)
 ------- | --------------- |
1030    =>   170
1050    =>   300       
1050Ti    =>   360
1060-3G    =>   570  
1060-6G    =>   610  
1070    =>   850   
1070Ti    =>   1100 
1080    =>   1200 
1080Ti    =>   1600
Titan V    =>   3300
BTMiner_NebuTech v5.1 miner

If want some more info please verify on bitcointalk what people experience with this miner here:;all 

Get versions for Windows and Linux source code here:

Usage CMD options:
(Typical usage** :BTMiner_NebuTech -url -user bm1xxxxxxxxxxxx.rigName)
 -h, --help    Displays this help.
 -v, --version    Displays version information.
 -c, --config <config file path>    Use config file rather than cmd line options.
 -o, --url <url>    Mining pool url.
 -u, --user <user>    User used in Mining pool, wallet address or username.
 -p, --password <password>    Password used in mining pool.
 -d, --devices <devices>    Specify GPU list to use. Format: "-d 0,1,2,3" to use first 4 GPU.
 --no-fee    No dev fee, but turns off some optimization, result in lower hashrate.
 -S, --ssl    Use SSL instead of regular tcp socket when connect to mining pool.
 -M, --more-gpu    Set this option will avoid 'cuda out of memory error'.
Happy Mining...
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