BTMiner_NebuTech v6.0 tensority algorithm miner for Bytom coin (BTM)

29 Jul

Start of BTMiner_NebuTech v6.0 tensority algorithm miner for Bytom coin (BTM)
New NebuTech BTMiner miner for mining Bytom (BTM) is released with some new features and with a slight performance increase.  Previously version we described here if You want to compare: One of the finest new features in version 6.0, probably the most useful is the additional GPU status report giving you information about power usage, fan speed, core clock, core utilization. Second one is API for web monitoring. Of course most wanted one is increased performance and is reported about 2-3%.  As a reminder it's designed only NVIDIA Pascal and later GPU cards with drivers version at least: Windows >= 385 , Ubuntu >= 384.  Default 3% dev fee is enabled but it  can be turned off.  Miner supports Windows 7, Windows 10 and  Linux. Can work for pools using stratum protocol.
 BTMiner_NebuTech v6.0 tensority algorithm miner for Bytom run
## Reference GPU Nvidia Hashrates
Tested with stock settings
| GPU        | Hashrate(H/s) |
| -------     | ------------ |
| 1030       | 175             |
| 1050       | 310             |
| 1050Ti    | 375             |
| 1060-3G | 590             |
| 1060-6G | 630             |
| 1070       | 880             |
| 1070Ti    | 1140            |
| 1080       | 1250            |
| 1080Ti    | 1680            |
| Titan V   | 3400            |
If want some more info please verify on bitcointalk what people experience with this miner here:;all 
Bytom mining performance depend heavily on GPU core, instead of GPU memory. Miner can gain beffer hashrate if tuning down GPU memory frequency. For example, using MSI Afterburner to turn down GPU memory to -500.
## Change Log for v6.0 (2018-07-23)
- Add API for status query.
- Add dummy web monitor.
- Add more GPU status report: power usage, core clock, core utilization
- Low-level parameter adjustment, improve 2-3% hashrate on some mining rigs.
- Runtime check for number of corresponding responses for submits.
- Improve console log format
Usage CMD options  (2 new options bolded)
Typical usage:
BTMiner_NebuTech -url -user bm1xxxxxxxxxxxx.rigName
   -h, --help    Displays this help.
   -v, --version    Displays version information.
   -c, --config \<config file path>    Use config file rather than cmd line options.
   --api  \<host:port>        The endpoint for serving REST API.
   -B, --browser    Automatically open system browser for web monitor. Windows only.
   -o, --url \<url>    Mining pool url.
   -u, --user \<user>    User used in Mining pool, wallet address or username.
   -p, --password \<password>    Password used in mining pool.
   -d, --devices \<devices>    Specify GPU list to use. Format: "-d 0,1,2,3" to use first 4 GPU.
   --no-fee    No dev fee, but turns off some optimization, result in lower hashrate.
   -S, --ssl    Use SSL instead of regular tcp socket when connect to mining pool.
   -M, --more-gpu    Set this option will avoid 'cuda out of memory error'.

Typical usage for JSON config file use:
BTMiner_NebuTech -c config.json
Example for config.json file:
"url": "",
"api": "",
"browser": true,
    "user": "bmxxx_your_BTM_address.YourMinerName",
    "password": "",
    "devices": "",
    "no-fee": false,
    "ssl": false,
    "more-gpu": false
Happy mining...
Tags: bytom, btm, tensority, windows, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, linux, miner, NebuTech, BTMiner

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