New Cast XMR 0.9.5 finally for CryptoNight Heavy (Sumokoin)

17 Apr

Cast XMR 0.9.5 for Sumokoin

Just few days ago Gandalph3000 have released new version Cast XMR miner popular among AMD Vega miners. So if you've mined Sumokoin (SUMO) or Haven (XHV) now you can get back to mining them with Vega 56/64. It's worth mentioning that you don't need AMD blockchain driver anymore to use this miner since last two versions. This new release comes with performance improvement about 0.5% for the CryptoNight V7.  Use --algo=2 argument to set which algo to mine: 2 for CryptoNight Heavy, 1 for CryptoNightV7 and of course 0 for CryptoNight. Also remember that Cast-XMR is closed source miner with 1,5% developer fee.

You can download Cast-XMR 0.9.5 from here.

Tags: cast xmr, sumokoin, haven

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