New z-enemy 1.17 Nvidia GPU Miner improved

1 Sep

z-enemy 1.17 start

New z-enemy miner is a CUDA accelerated software specifically designed in order to get maximum stability and performance mining. It's still contains 1% developer fee for developers. Main architecture difference versus previous versions, this miner is no longer based on ccminer but it's still close source code. The new z-enemy 1.17 has a major hashrate boost of 5-10%. and in addition to top end GPUs; developers have also focused on low end graphic card models. Low end graphic cards like GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 you’ll get few percent hashrate increase. Developers (Zealot and Enemy) have confirmed to actively maintain development and their main goal will be to fix present bugs , once accomplished , they will concentrate to improve the kernels as much as possible in order to squeeze maximum performance possible. It's also important to have latest drivers installed in order to get maximum performance and stability which for nVidia are 399+ versions. Note that the latest miner no longer utilize memory, so for power saving it's recommended to run memory clock at +0 or -500 MHz without performance loss. Supported algorithms list You can find below: 

  • aergo (AeriumX: AEX)
  • bitcore (Bitcore: BTX)
  • x16r (X16R: Raven, )
  • x16s (X16S: Pigeon)
  • x17 (X17: Verge)
  • c11 (C11: CHC)
  • phi (PHI1612: Folm, Seraph)
  • phi2 (PHI2: LUXCoin)
  • renesis (RESS: Renesis)
  • tribus (Tribus: Denarius)
  • poly (Poly: Polytimos)
  • skunk (Skunk: Skunk)
  • sonoa (Sonoa: SONO)
  • hsr (HSR: HSR)
  • hex (Hex: XDNA)
  • timetravel (Machinecoin: MAC)
  • xevan (Xevan: Transend)

If you are mining XDNA then give this miner a try as it is much improved compared to previous release. With the last one algo (xevan) for initial tests we found that still better results (10% better performance) we get with use older version z-enemy 1.16. However the tests indicates only one algo is better served and tests were not conducted without extensive optimizations (CORE clock and intensity parameter) All algorithms supports intensity up to i 25. But the developer recommended intensity for X16r&s is 20-21 and for HEX algorithm it is 22-24. For more information visit the official thread using the link provided below: 


Happy mining

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