Android application available on Google Play

29 Apr

Android Application

A few days ago we have released our brand new official Android application.

It is available to download on Google Play for devices with Android version 4.1+.

Crypt0.Zone App on Google Play


Our application was designed to provide access to the same functionality as our webpage but in more optimized for mobile devices form.

Start page

First screen you see after opening our application displays the most profitable coins to mine on 1080 Ti. You can quickly and easily adjust numer of cards for calculation using +/- buttons.

To make things easier we decided to hide coins that area not profitable at that moment. There is also always available a link to our page with your current calculation so you can tune your rig parameters alongside with oter calculation options.

Tap any of available coins (either name or icon) to see its details with price chart and other options.

To quickly change type of your card use offscreen menu described below.


Either use menu button or swipe from left edge of your mobile device screen to show menu.

Here you can change card model and open other section of our application as:

  • My earnings portfolio
  • Crypto exchange calculator
  • DAG size calculator
  • Settings

Coin details

As mentioned earlier you can anytime tap on coin name or icon to show its details. This screen offers access to price change chart with history, links to exchanges with current price on each, link to block explorer and link to official website. Moreover you can find here coin's network hashrate and current block height with current reward for mined block.

My earnings portfolio

This section gives you ability to quickly summarize your earnings in FIAT currency. Using our user friendly creator choose your cryptocurrencies and fill in amounts. Your portfolio will be instantly summarized in USD/EUR/GBP etc. (as selected in Settings). You can then share your cryptocurrency portfolio with others.

IMPORTANT: We do not store your amount on our servers. It will be shared WITHOUT amounts, amounts are only stored in your device.

Exchange calculator

This tools was designed to quickly calculate how many one cryptocurrency is worth in other. Again using our user friendly creator choose all your cryptocurrencies and enter amount for one of them to see calculations.

DAG file size calculator

Every ethash cryptocurrency needs more and more memory in time to make calculations. Some graphic cards have small amounts (eg. 3GB) and on that cards you are now or soon will not be able to mine ethash. This tool was designed to predict when each of ethash cryptocurrency will reach specific amount of memory needed for it to be mined.

Feel free to give us any feedback you have about our application. We will consider every suggestion you submit to make application work better.

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