Open source 3D printed mining frame - part 2

18 Sep

Open source 3D printed mining frame - part 2

This is second part of tutorial. If you haven't read first part - go ahead and check it.

  1. Now you need to slide in M5 T nut (alternatively you can buy here metal equivalent):
    • Two of them at top profile
    • Four of them in the middle profile
    • Six of them both side profiles

  1. Get 4*20x20 3 way connector and 4*M6x25 bolts and join screw on two longest (50cm) and two side (30cm) profiles to join them and get result as shown below.
    Don't screw middle profile at this moment yet.

  2. Now you can mount midle profile with two of 20x20 connector T long and 14*M5x10 bolts.
    Also use two of 20x20 corner open and 4*M5x10 bolts.

    Distance between midle and top profile should be 134mm.

  3. Slide in one 20x20 90 degree distance connector and M5 T nut on shortest(11,9cm) aluminum profile, repeat on second shortest profile. Next screw those two profiles on 3-way connectors at top with 2*M6x25 bolts.

    1. Now screw sides with two 20x20 corner open and 4*M5x10 bolts.

  4. On side where ATX distances are mount screw at the bottom shortest (11,9cm) profile with 1*M6x25 bolt.

  5. Get 30cm profile, slide two 5M nuts, two 3-way connectors and screw them on with side shortest profiles and 4*M6x25 bolts.

  6. On the other side at the bottom screw on shortest (11,9cm) profile with 1*M6x25 bolt and slide 2020 psu server blockade on.

  7. Get 30cm profile, two 3-way connectors and 4*M6x25 bolts and screw them on.

  8. Carefully insert motherboard into rig and screw it using M3x10 bolts.

  9.  Get longest (50cm) aluminium profile and slide onto it:
    1. at the bottom two asymmetrical 20x20 foots
    2. at inner side 20x20 psu distance strait2
    3. at top 2020 server PSU mount
    4. at top M5 nut (for blocking movement of previous element)
    5. at top 20x20 server PSU mount end
    6. at top M5 nut (for blocking movement of previous element)
    7. get two 3-way connectors and 4*M6x25 bolts and screw them on

  1. Screw on two M5 blockers with 2*M5x10 bolts.

  2. Mount fans at the back. Use 120mm fans join and M5x10 bolts to join couple of fans together and screw them onto 20x20 fan mounts with M5x10 bolts at the bottom back.

  3. Mount ATX and server PSUs.
    Make sure to connect power switch before mounting ATX PSU because it's covering access to pins.

  4. Screw ATX PSU with 3*M5x10 bolts and 4*M3x10 bolts with 20x20 ATX PSU mount printed part.


  5. Connect cables from PSU, do cable management.

  6. Prepare 3*120mm fans joining them together with 4*120mm fans join, 4*M5x10 bolts (image shows only two fans - but in final rig we use three of those).

    At the bottom screw 2*M5x10 bolts to slide them into 20x20 aluminum profile.

  7. Slide 8*M5 nut into longest (50cm) aluminum profile and on the top slide in prepared 3*120mm fans.

  8. Screw aluminium 20x20 extrusion (with slided onto it 3x120mm fans) to 20x20 90 degree distance connectors at the top of your rig. Keep in mind that you want to have yout fans in direction to draw warm air and blow it to the top.

  9. Insert GPUs, mount them at top profile with 8*M5x10 bolts. Be sure that you have fans connected to motherboard and cable managment done before you insert GPUs.

    Happy mining! ? ?


    If you wish to get more air flow you can forcefully insert 120mm fans at side. Since sides are 119mm so fans will be mounted stiffly without any bolts.

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