t-rex 0.7.0 x16r start
T-Rex is a latest GPU miner that runs on both Windows and Linux. This mining software is designed for NVIDIA Pascal & Maxwell 10xx as well as for Volta (Titan V) and Turing (20XX) graphic cards. . It has got slight speed improvements and has improved greatly keeping provide better user experience and features.
Tags: cryptocurrency, software, miner, mining, t-rex, x16r, x16s, x17, hmq1725, bcd, lyra2z, bitcore, sonoa, renesis, balloon, polytimos, skunk, hsr, c11, phi, tribus, windows, windows 10, linux, hiveos, 20xx, volta, turing

Open source 3D printed mining frame for Biostar TB250-BTC D+, hackable - based on 20x20 aluminum extrusion profiles.
Biostar TB250-BTC D+ is riser-less motherboard for 8 GPUs, similar construction to well know Octominer or Onda motherboards. It enables you to create very small rigs for 8 GPUs. One of biggest advantage is that that you can use server PSU to power it. Since we love riser-less motherboard idea so much we've decided to provide open source frame for this motherboard.

z-enemy 1.17 start
New z-enemy miner is a CUDA accelerated software specifically designed in order to get maximum stability and performance mining. It's still contains 1% developer fee for developers. Main architecture difference versus previous versions, this miner is no longer based on ccminer but it's still close source code. The new z-enemy 1.17 has a major hashrate increased by 5-10%.
Tags: cryptocurrency, software, miner, mining, z-enemy, aergo, bitcore, x16r, x16s, x17, c11, phi, phi2, renesis, tribus, poly, skunk, sonoa, hsr, hex, timetravel, xevan, windows, windows 10, linux, hiveos

tdxminer lyra2z mining + Radeon RX 570 / 580 + Ubuntu 16.04 linux
Short tutorial on how to mine lyra2z coins with AMD Radeon RX 570 / 580 cards using tdxminer on Ubuntu 16.04 linux distro.
Tags: tdxminer, lyra2z, radeon rx570, radeon rx580, radeon, ubuntu

Elliotcoin project
This guide does not deal with your VPS security which you should ensure to implement. The guide is for setting one masternode on one VPS (one IP). I recommend unlocking the desktop wallet during the setup. You and you alone is responsible for your coins.
Tags: masternode, elli, Elliotcoin, vps, wallet, ip

Start of BTMiner_NebuTech v6.0 tensority algorithm miner for Bytom coin (BTM)
New NebuTech BTMiner miner for mining Bytom (BTM) is released with some new features and with a slight performance increase.
Tags: bytom, btm, tensority, windows, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, linux, miner, NebuTech, BTMiner

BTMiner_NebuTech v5.1 tensority algorithm miner start
Bitmain Antminer B3 produce 780 h/s and 360w as the only ones to release Asic to the BYTOM cryptocurrency. GPU miners did not leave this unnoticed and in cooperation with BYTOM devteam released new miner that runs on the GPU nvidia version on LINUX and Windows. ASIC algorithm has been recently cracked by GPU miners and it's giving nice profits at these times.
Tags: bytom, btm, tensority, windows, linux, miner

Hello everyone. Some time we have some reasons and want to hide our mine rigs from inquisitive eyes. That also mean You may want to hide Your network traffic or at least make it secured and not readable for strangers. One solution allow us to achieve that goal - it's called VPN. Let's go through the configuration of OpenVPN server/client.
Tags: rig protection, vpn, openvpn, encryption, network traffic, virtual private network

Gigabyte Windforce Mini ITX fans repair kit
If fans in your Gigabyte Windforce had failed, you'll find here cheap 3D printed replacement parts for mounting double 80mm PC fans
Tags: windforce

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