Pirate Chain: Financial Security with Anonymous Transactions

15 Oct

Pirate Chain: Financial Security with Anonymous Transactions

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a community-driven run-time fork of Komodo (KMD) which is based on Zcash (ZEC). ARRR is part of the Komodo ecosystem of projects protected by Delayed Proof-of-Work (dPOW), which offers Bitcoin levels of security. It had a fair launch and no ICO.

Pirate is the first blockchain with enforced private transactions and has the biggest anonymous transaction set of any Zcash based coin. The Pirate network enforces zk-Snarks shielded transactions by default and does not support the sending of unshielded (transparent)transactions. ARRR therefore has a strong claim to being the most private currency in crypto today.

Pirate’s blockchain genesis was in August 2018, and in February 2019 a hardfork was initiated to make the network sapling only. Sapling is the second major implementation of zk-Snarks technology introduced by Zcash, and is a massive improvement over its predecessor sprout.

The Pirate community is large and very active. The team comprises about a dozen individuals with Komodo founder JL777 a contributing core developer. Wallet development, web development, exchange liaisons, community management, marketing and PR are handled by other members of the team. A privacy-protecting operating system called GalleonOS is also under development. Much of the team and community come from Komodo.

Pirate Chain uses the Equihash mining algorithm, has a total supply of 200 million with 125 million coins currently in circulation. Block rewards halve every 9 months with the next halving due in February 2020.

Detailed mining guides can be found here and ARRR’s CoinMarketCap listing here. More information can be found at https://pirate.black/

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