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8 Jun

test rig
Hi all, 
Today we take care of easiest way of cooling Your rig improvement. To do so I'm going to test it on my own rig. 
Test RIG: 
GPUs: 8x1080Ti (MSI Gaming X):
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Drivers: Nvidia WHQL 397.31
Nice look:
cooling test rig
Currently mining RVN (x16r) with average ~140 MH/s in total
OC settings:  TDP/TL/CORE/MEM:  60/75/+125/-500
Power consumption: ~1400W
GPU fans speed : ~70-75%
Environment description:
Type: regular flat room (kitchen) 
Size: ~18 square meters (2,5m celing) 
Air access: narrow open window
Outside temp: +21°C
Inside Temp: +29 °C
Standard rig temperatures based on MSI Afterburner display: 

I'm going to present to You additional cooling implementation in current placement of the rig. Same rig I will reinforce with 45 Watts house fan (moderate additional noise):
Distance from rig: 50cm
Blow direction : 45° to axis of all cards

Rig temps w. fan 45°:

Better, but lets keep trying. 
Distance from rig: 50cm
Blow direction : fan axis parallel to all cards axis

Rig temps with fan straight on:

Inside Temp: +32°C    (rised because better heat exchange)
Final Conclusion: 
When You mining at house or flat, renting some space with no good air conditioning during summer time, temperature could be Your main concern resulting lower profits or even hardware damage. 20$ worth home fan which will generate some additional noise but not that noise You can't stand in distance more than 4 meters. You can significantly lower Your rig (GPUs) temperature even down by 10°C. Gaining better hardware lifetime, stability and more profits.  Except fan cost additional cooling run 24/7 will cost You about 4$ per month (assumed 1kWh cost = 0,123$). 
Happy mining....




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