T-Rex 0.7.0 NVIDIA GPU miner (Windows and Linux) supporting 20xx cards

11 Oct

t-rex 0.7.0 x16r start

T-Rex is a latest GPU miner that runs on both Windows and Linux. This mining software is designed for NVIDIA Pascal & Maxwell 10xx as well as for Volta (Titan V) and Turing (20XX) graphic cards. Along with this feature it also has got slight speed improvements. The miner has improved greatly since the beginning and it keeps getting regular updates to provide better user experience. T-Rex is written from scratch and is not based on ccminer. This miner is only available as closed source binaries. Just like enemy miner T-Rex is only available as closed source binaries and it supports most of the algorithms which enemy miner also supports. Even some of the users of enemy miner have reported that T-Rex miner is slightly faster than enemy. So if you are mining Ravencoin in this hard times or any X17 or Lyra2Z coins then You should try this new version T-Rex 0.7.0. Fell free to experiment with Intensity parameter since I've tried to apply 25 on my 2xMSI Armour 1080Ti rig with x16r algo but failed at first. Then tried on 24 and so far for last 30 minutes running without any glitches. Also the developers have stated that in future release their goal will be to fix any present bugs, add new algorithms, new features and optimize the software to provide maximum performance for miners.


T-Rex 0.7.0 Features list:
  • Newly added support for Volta (Titan V) & Turing (20XX) graphic cards – If you own RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 TI cards then download CUDA 10 and use this miner. But do note that it is not as optimized as CUDA 9.1 and CUDA 9.2
  • Performance improvements: The developer have mentioned that T-Rex version 0.7.0 features slight performance improvements compared to previous release. With proper fine tuning you can expect +1% to hashrate on X16 family algorithms.
  • In release 0.7.0 T-Rex supports new command line arguments such as --temperature-limit and --exit-on-fail-shares. If any of the your GPU temperature exceeds its limit then miner will automatically stops using it. Also it force shutdowns the miner if it successively submits more than N number or rejected shares.
  • The new t-rex version has fixed stability issues on x16r/s and bitcore. It supports HTTP API handler to control miner via web browser and it also features some cosmetic changes. By default is accessible at http://localhost:4067/trex
  • Add miner efficiency (Hashes per Watt) to console output and API
  • Print "Submitting found block!" message when a block is found and return this info in API
  • Command line arguments now take precedence over config files. If an argument is set in both places, the value from cmd line overrides the config



Supported algorithms list:
  • x16r
  • x16s
  • x17
  • hmq1725
  • bcd
  • lyra2z
  • bitcore
  • sonoa
  • renesis
  • balloon
  • polytimos
  • skunk
  • hsr
  • c11
  • phi
  • tribus

Example of simple miner failover script:

@echo off
t-rex --api-bind-http %API% -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://%ALGO%.mine.zergpool.com:3636 -u RBpFPe9J18SRQyZ5Cj3iyUdGo1NFG3bjfC -p c=RVN -o stratum+tcp://cryptopool.party:3636 -u RBpFPe9J18SRQyZ5Cj3iyUdGo1NFG3bjfC -p worker1 -i 21
goto start

For more information on release notes you can check their official Bitcointalk page where you’ll also find the download links.

Download T-Rex 0.7.0 CUDA miner:


CUDA 9.1: https://mega.nz/#!2MFH2CQS!MzJic_DNBpYsQ-6suHpwsMDVLOhUWWD9RM5PHT4Kfjk
CUDA 9.2: https://mega.nz/#!SRFVyY4J!XXZPNF3Zv7yYevMC8dUrfvm6V_sO9kA9r34mZaYA7QU
CUDA 10.0: https://mega.nz/#!jEUVhS7I!2-8lVIrqaumdM9Jh2uNt5Tr5Dpv7QmbUxRG5NapMF7I

CUDA 9.1: https://mega.nz/#!GQVxQA7L!SppCdxuy8ShbHclv0oiXuAxA1mHYllo2Okx2q8-aFIs
CUDA 9.2: https://mega.nz/#!OYNXEAhQ!abLofQ0_GZRl-HF8XjzoBH5kj664OI9beSl2nbdbFhA
CUDA 10.0: https://mega.nz/#!qVVFGaLR!B9lHI4M2zLiKLGVZ7pu1Bb_cwCjyJ-73ttE6BjCr2Kw




Happy mining


Tags: cryptocurrency, software, miner, mining, t-rex, x16r, x16s, x17, hmq1725, bcd, lyra2z, bitcore, sonoa, renesis, balloon, polytimos, skunk, hsr, c11, phi, tribus, windows, windows 10, linux, hiveos, 20xx, volta, turing

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