T-REX 0.7.2 - Nvidia Miner With X22i Algorithm and CUDA 10.0 support.

29 Oct

t-rex 0.7.2 x16r start

The new t-rex miner gives outstanding results in x16r algo as well as is best miner for x22iThe X22i encryption algorithm which is currently being positioned as asic-resistant. (SUQA coin). If You are mining SUQA cryptocurrency you should use the new version of the miner T-REX 0.7.2, this miner will mine 40% faster on your Nvidia video cards when mining SUQA coin. If you experiencing stability issues with X22i mining you should try to decrease your Clock settings or lower the power limit on Your rig. T-Rex is a closed source miner with 1% development fee built-in.Make sure you have a latest video driver installed (with CUDA 10 support for 20xx cards).


T-REX 0.7.2 running


Supported algorithms list:
  • balloon
  • bcd
  • bitcore
  • c11
  • hmq1725
  • hsr
  • lyra2z
  • phi
  • polytimos
  • renesis
  • sha256t
  • skunk
  • sonoa
  • timetravel
  • tribus
  • x16r
  • x16s
  • x17


Better API management


By default HTTP API server binds to It means that you can access your miner via both external and internal network interfaces. For e.g handler "trex" is intended to show miner control monitoring page in your web browser. You can see miner stats realtime and also change miner parameters and config on the fly. Also here you will see updates in case it appears. To activate the handler navigate to using a web browser. See screenshots below and read more in miner's help file.


Trex 0.7.2 api charts


Trex 0.7.2 API config management


Example of simple Windows miner failover script:


@echo off
SET EXEC=t-rex.exe
SET SERVER1=stratum+tcp://us.ravenminer.com:5678
SET SERVER2=stratum+tcp://cryptopool.party:3636
SET USER=RRrdpxLH4tdVm2oh2NajhXS7J7ZRdFjQvB
echo %EXEC% -l %LOGFILE% --api-bind-http %API% -a %ALGO% -o %SERVER1% -u %USER% -p d=%DIFFICULTY%,id=%MINERNAME%,c=%COIN% -o %SERVER2% -u %USER% -p d=%DIFFICULTY%,id=%MINERNAME%,c=%COIN% -i %INTENSITY%
%EXEC% -l %LOGFILE% --api-bind-http %API% -a %ALGO% -o %SERVER1% -u %USER% -p d=%DIFFICULTY%,id=%MINERNAME%,c=%COIN% -o %SERVER2% -u %USER% -p d=%DIFFICULTY%,id=%MINERNAME%,c=%COIN% -i %INTENSITY%
goto start

Read more at official the BitcoinTalk forum thread.

Binaries for both Linux and Windows are compiled for CUDA 9.1/9.2/10.0

T-rex downloads v0.7.2

CUDA 9.1: https://mega.nz/#!PNUQ1KLB!xusnqHpNa5L2QmX5UN_deBF5HhRarPZypSy6iBW_oDQ
CUDA 9.2: https://mega.nz/#!LAE2RSqQ!pnBWXW8keay3MGn85v7hUk8TuLvJZCekl_FTePoPlbo
CUDA 10.0: https://mega.nz/#!PdUQTIyK!0EX4nel2zwVHSL8L4OaILK2Azn8pmj96x71nlkfcI7s

CUDA 9.1: https://mega.nz/#!aBUB1azQ!hqsBylvgFtjhPHAFGsIL53RYF2SN2_eCJUKBuPDI3Jc
CUDA 9.2: https://mega.nz/#!jAMEwA5B!CLYkWFv6R7D93nSaJw2a4q3oreH10ARUxKr6G6K6aks
CUDA 10.0: https://mega.nz/#!qB0SkQzY!jHmWBZYe5KWr1Jz4Ose_2rTg__Sfsws8KAldr09lAMo


Happy mining

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