tdxminer lyra2z mining + Radeon RX 570 / 580 + Ubuntu 16.04 linux

16 Aug

tdxminer lyra2z mining + Radeon RX 570 / 580 + Ubuntu 16.04 linux


This tutorial was written for rig consisting of 8x AMD Radeon RX570 and Ubuntu 16.04 (kernel 4.15).

Before proceeding please update all packages
sudo apt upgrade


This should be your first step.

Short version of installation - based on:

Run commands:
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo sh -c 'echo deb [arch=amd64] xenial main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rocm.list'
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y libnuma-dev rocm-dkms
sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME
sudo reboot

Now reboot you OS and using following command check if all installed cards are available:
/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi -hw

radeon devices list

Radeon drivers

Download and extract package for your OS from here: (section "Radeon™ Software for Linux® can be downloaded from the following links:"). I have chosen package suitable for `Ubuntu 16.04.4`:

choosing radeon drivers version

Enter newly created directory and run:
./amdgpu-pro-install --computeDetails installation tutorial (with available parameters) is available here:

You should encounter error during installation, due to previous installation of ROCm. To overwrite packages and proceed with installation of Radeon drivers run following command:
sudo apt -f -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" install

After successfully installing Radeon drivers reboot computer.


You can download tdxminer from here:

Download and extract package. Enter inside extracted directory and run to test if it's working:
./tdxminer -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u GcEdPaovjjWg9yRJv2ewgdmbQub59DQaZA -p c=GIN
Please set your own wallet address and pool before mining. Data above is only for testing.

On fresh Ubuntu install tdxminer may complain for lack of: libjansson - install missing package with command: sudo apt install -y libjansson4

Wait a few seconds and you should see output like this (meaning all your cards are available for mining):

tdxminer log

Manage cards (set fan speed, clocks and power usage)


To turn off fans for all cards type command:
/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi --setfan 0This parameter gets value ranging from "0" to "255" (where "255" means 100% of their speed). Remember to set appropriate fan speed so as not to overheat your cards.

You can set fan speed for chosen card using parameter:
-d 0...(N-1) cards

GPU/memory Clock

First check what clock levels are available for your cards with command:
/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi -a -d 0I intentionally did set device number so as not to see all 6 outputs (form my cards they are equal).

radeon device available clocks

Now with command:
/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi --setsclk 0You can set desired clock level for GPU. Instead "0" enter your desired level.

Command for setting memory clock:
/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi --setmclk 0

Power usage

Power usage is related with GPU clock settings. So when you set GPU to lowest possible value you power usage should drop drastically. Same when setting highest possible level.

You can monitor power usage/clock speeds with command:
watch -n1 '/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi'

radeon devices monitoring

Abouve screenshot is from tmux running:
watch -n1 'sensors | grep fan1'and
watch -n1 '/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi'


For mining lyra2z I used GPU power level 4 giving 2.8Mh/s with power usage at around 110-115W per card (best settings for me).
Switching to maximum GPU state I did get about 2.95Mh/s with power usage reaching 125-130W per card.

Because when mining lyra2z memory is irrelevant I did set its clocks to lowest possible value:
/opt/rocm/bin/rocm-smi --setmclk 0

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